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Liquid Filtration               
>>Filter Press Cloth
>>Filter Belt
>>Liquid Filter Bag

Gas Filtration                   
>>Woven Dedusting Bag
>>Non woven Needle Felt

>>Dust Collector Filter Bag
Mesh Products                 
>>Polyester Mesh
>>Monofilament Mesh
>>Flour Milling Mesh
Non-woven Cloths            

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High-quality products

For over 20 years, energy has been the world leader in providing filtration solutions and technology to industry. Our filtration products and services are used successfully worldwide in thousands of demanding applications. We provides personal service and expert technical assistance assuring your operation is employing the best available filtration technology.

Our products mainly include :


               Gas Filtration          Liquid Filtration         Mesh products

     Non-woven Clothes

We also offer all kinds of yarns, for more products' information , just mail to us.

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  • Our hot products are Needle Felt, Filter Fabric, Liquid Filter Bag, Industrial Fabrics and Dust Collector Filter Bag etc.