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Liquid Filtration               
Gas Filtration                   
>>Woven dust collector Bag
-polyester fabric/bags
-fiber glass fabric

>>Non woven Needle Felt
-PET/PP regular felt
-anti-static felt
-hydro-&oleophobic felt
-hi-temp resistant felt

>> Dust Collector Filter Bag

Mesh Products                 
Non-woven Cloths            

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Non-woven needle felt

By providing optimal filtration performance, non-woven needle felt is the best filter media for air filtration
especially bag house. energy needle felts are excellent for gas filtration and dust collection, as well as
liquid/solid separation. They are extensively used in blast furnace gas, cement plants, metallurgy,
chemical plant, foodstuff, architecture, etc. The materials we use mainly include: polyester, polypropylene,
fiberglass, Nomex, P84, PPS, Acrylic and PTFE

Our products:          

PET/PP regular felt     Anti-static felt     hydro&oleophobic felt     High-temp resistant felt


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