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>>Woven dust collector Bag
-polyester fabric/bags
-fiber glass fabric

>>Non woven Needle Felt
-PET/PP regular felt
-anti-static felt
-hydro-&oleophobic felt
-hi-temp resistant felt

>> Dust Collector Filter Bag

Mesh Products                 
Non-woven Cloths            

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Polyester dust collection bag

polyester - 208
PET dust collection bag -729

high strength
high acid resistant
good air permeability

dust-collection efficiency up to 99.9%
long time working under 130
4-6 times longer life than fiberglass fabrics

PET dust collection  bag -208

good elasticity
acid and alkaline resistant
good air permeability
dust-controlled efficiency up to 99.9%
long  service    life   

The dust collector bags is the ideal filtration material because of its good permeability and efficient dust filtration. The products can be widely used for oil refining, mineral, chemical industry, environment protect ,cement, mining, metallurgy ,medicine field. etc.

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