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Hangzhou  Energy Filtration  Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of woven and non-woven filter media for both liquid and air filtration. After nearly 20 years of R&D and production, and now we own  first-class production equipments and technical personnel. We supply high-quality filter products to both domestic and foreign customers to meet their specific filtration needs. And some of our main products are widely exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Americas etc . As we approach the production of serious, rigorous work style and excellent quality of products, has won domestic and international customers praise We are dedicated to anticipating, meeting and exceeding the expectations by continuous investment on the research and development for innovative products. Our goal is 100% total customer satisfaction.

Our history

Hangzhou  Energy Filtration  Co.,Ltd was established in 1980s. It is located in Tiantai County, which has been the woven filter cloth center of China. We has become a leader provider of the filter material, which has been appraised as a credit enterprise for eight years by the local government. It has a production capacity of 1.2 million square meters of filter material which value comes to 10 million dollars. We  pays great attention to the development and deducts 15% of the profit and puts it into R&D every year. And we are pride of that our products can orient the up to date needs of the market. 

So in 1998, in order to meet the demands of different users, we cooperated with a famous Swiss Company.
In 1999, because China attached more and more importance to environment protection, the number or dehydration net used to treat industrial sewage and domestic sewage was increasing, with the increase of imported equipment. So our company introduced dehydration net from a Finland company. With smooth surface formed by monofilament, it's not easy to jam the filter and its life comes up to over 6000 hours.

In 2000, resulted from the improvement of our Quality Management level, our company passed ISO-9001:2000 International Quality System Certification, which led to the strong growth of our market share.

We guarantee that our products are always using leading technology. We are committed, in the future, we will continue to work for customers with more quality products and more efficient and appropriate services.

Our honor                                    

In January 2000, energy passed ISO-9001:2000 International Quality System Certification. In 2005, energy was awarded the leading-enterprise  by the local government

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