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Liquid Filtration               
>>Filter Press Cloth
>>Filter Belt
>>Liquid Filter Bag

Gas Filtration                   
>>Woven Dedusting Bag
>>Non woven Needle Felt

>>Dust Collector Filter Bag
Mesh Products                 
>>Polyester Mesh
>>Monofilament Mesh
>>Flour Milling Mesh
Non-woven Cloths            

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energy Filter Cloth

Filter cloth is used for solid/liquid separation, air/solid separation and filter bags or  filter cartridges to equip the dust collectors .With over 20 years experience, we have developed a wide range of filter cloth media and can provide excellent filtration solutions for most industries. And our products can be fixed on the filters directly. It's very convenience and strong.

energy Liquid Filter Bag

- Paints & lacquer industry
- Wastewater treatment
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Food industry
- Chemical industry
- Beer, wine & spirit industry
- Adhesive, etc

energy Dust Collector Bag

Dust collector bag is used for collecting valuable industrial dust or dedusting harmful industrial dust. energy dust collector bag is well designed to meet your specific requirements. The industries they serve

cement industry: Kiln retro-fits, process and nuisance dust collectors
- asphalt industry: Asphalt and aggregate dryer bag house
- carbon black: Product collection
- chemical industry
- power plant dedust
- smelting industry, etc

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